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Testimonials: Testimonials

Great physical therapist and care! I am so happy I met Dr. Jenna she has helped me so much and will continue. Thank you Jenna.

J Nagel

I was recommended to Jenna Platt,Physical Therapist , by a close fiend. I have many issues. Pain in my right leg, balance issues due to MS and literally had trouble walking properly.
Although not cured by Jenna I have now gotten to the point where my leg pain is less severe and my walking has improved.
I highly recommend Jenna to anyone needing Physical Therapy. She has used her knowledge to try different things and studies things to try and help me. I presented a very complicated case.

Michael Rosenstock

I had a GREAT experience with Dr. Jenna. She was able to assist me with multiple issues; my shoulder, back and knee. the one-on-one personal attention cannot be beat. She was able to pinpoint the issues and we were able to deal with them in a personalized, controlled way. I can highly recommend JNP Physical Therapy.

A. Newitt

I find that Jenna Platt is an exceptional physical therapist. She did a thorough job of evaluating my problem and providing me with the best therapy and exercises for my back and hip. Jenna was recommended to me by another one of her clients...I found Jenna to be the best Physical Therapist I have ever used.
Rickie Kruh
Mirasol Resident

Rickie Kruh

I have had Jenna Platt as my physical therapist for about 4 months for a very angry patella tendon just below my knee replacement. During my visits, Jenna found all of my most tender spots and with her magic fingers rubbed, kneaded and probed the spots she knew needed attention. Those fingers were amazing.
Jenna is a hands on therapist…literally. She uses her knowledge of the body along with her own physical attributes to treat her patients. She is probably the most knowledgeable physical therapist I have ever known. She has helped relieve my pain, helped stabilize my balance and provided me with a schedule of activities to do at home. I cannot recommend Dr. Jenna Platt (JNP Physical Therapy) more highly.

Lynn Reynolds

I have seen Dr. Jenna has treated 5 different body parts and she is the best! I am back to walking and strengthening routine. I even have no issues working seated more then 6-8 hours with no pain into my legs. I will only see Jenna. She is very pleasant, personable, professional and understanding what I needed not the usual “get on the machine and I’ll be back” always hated going to clinics that did that. I get was treated like an individual and my plans are specific to me! Thank you Doc!

Susan R

I am a elderly woman  that broke my upper arm in 3 places.  The pain was severe.  JNP worked with me for 3 months and helped me regain mobility in my arm.   The therapist was  patient professional and prompt.  I would not have the quality of life i have today without her knowledge and patience .  I was giving up on myself but she kept me focused and helped me master the exercises.

Eve Rossi

Jenna is terrific!  She really knows her stuff, and can really hone in on where your problems is.  She has her PhD, so she's very well trained.   She also uses a number of techniques, including exercise, massage, and dry needling, if that makes sense, to help fix what ails you.   She's also nice to work with, and is very professional and courteous, and stays on schedule.  She really helped me with a couple of issues I had, and figured out a different diagnosis for one of my issues.   I'd strongly recommend her!


Jenna is by far the best physical therapist I’ve ever had. She’s very knowledgeable and professional and provides an excellent blend of having me do exercises and doing manual therapy. She’s extremely personable and nice. Jenna listens and makes adjustments based on my feedback. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenna.

Michael Gluckstern 

Dr Platt is very professional and knowledgeable Physical Therapist. She goes above and beyond in  caring for her clients. I highly recommend this Dr.

Sharon Haffner

Outstanding therapist. She was able to correct the side effects of my Radiation problems. Would recommend her as very accomplished and highly proficient.

Mary Awed

The best physical therapist I have ever used.She is incredibly knowledgeable. I can’t wait for her to come to my house. I recommend her highly

Ellen Hirsch

I had really bad tendonitis in my right shoulder and had several PT sessions with Jenna. She was amazing and was able to really improve my shoulder function and get me back to baseline. I highly recommend her! She is compassionate and really cares about her patients recovery!

Gina Garafalo 

Jenna cares about her patients!  She always asked about my back/shoulder and never assumed how I was feeling.  Jenna continues to hone her skills with continuing education, learning and practicing new or improved techniques to help her patients.  Jenna is passionate about helping people physically recover from injuries and mentally feel better too.  I highly recommend her.

Juliana Davis

I had such neck pain for so long—and it was measurably better after one treatment and dry needling with Jenna. I would go back again if ever need be. I highly recommend her. Thanks so much!

Roberta “Bobbie” Ryncarz 

Jenna is the best! My back is a mess with increased discomfort and pain over the last 15 years. I have scoliosis and a severe degenerative disc problem. The only thing doctors said may give me a 50% chance of any relief was a very long invasive 9 hour surgery. I decided to give Jenna a try knowing she is a physical therapist I had her come to my home for treatment. She brought all the equipment needed with her. We had a long discussion about my issues and she examined me in great detail.  She is a true professional and very knowledgeable in her field. She is patient and compassionate and has help find what works for me to get through my days. I am thankful for her and just need to do my exercises to keep me going. This is the first time I’ve felt relief in 2 years.
I highly recommend Jenna as a physical therapy and will continue to use her for maintain or continued care when I need.

Carol Friedman 

I am so grateful to Dr. Jenna Platt! She is amazing. I was a mess when I started and she has given me life back! I can’t thank her enough. I hope I won’t need to come back, but if I need to, I know Jenna can help me!

Barbara J

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